1 [val·ue]


3. the worth of something in terms of the amount of other

things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some

medium of exchange.

Please request a quotation for translation in the following languages: Swahili, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese.

Translation Express:

The Translation Express leaves at 4 in the afternoon and arrives at 8 in the morning. It costs a little more, but it gets the job done faster!

Translators and project managers work overtime (nights and weekends) to speed up delivery of the translation. Add 50% to above rates.

You can apply for credit please call us for more information

  1. Please note that the above rates are price guidelines only. Always request a quotation for accurate costing. 
  2. Above rates depend on availability of language practitioners, time restraints and technical difficulty of the document. 
  3. Dilicom reserves the right to charge a minimum rate for certain projects. 
  4. All projects are handled on a COD basis. You can apply for credit. 
  5. Prices exclude 14% VAT, formatting, postage and courier costs (if applicable).