1. the fact or state of excelling; superiority;

General Translation (GenT)

The translator does not usually have to research the subject or terminology and a fairly straight-forward translation is produced.

Specialist Translation (SpeT)

Subject specialists usually do this type of translation, and it usually contains industry-specific jargon.

Pharmaceutical Translation (PhaT)

It is essential for the translator to find a balance between accuracy and usability. The translator must make sure that the translation is accurate and on a level that patients will understand clearly.

Financial Translation (FinT)

Financial translation has a shorter turnaround time than other types of translations. Speed, accuracy and absolute confidentiality are paramount.

Creative translation (CreaT)

The translator will convey your marketing message with a creative flair.

Sworn Translation (SwoT)

Only a sworn translator who has been sworn in by the High Court of South Africa may do this type of translation.

Comprehensive Translation (ComT)

Comprehensive translation is an excellent way of testing the accuracy of a translation. It involves translation, back translation and text comparison.

Two-step Translation (TwoSR)

One translator does the translation and then a second, independent translator does an Authentication by comparing the first translation with the original for accuracy of terminology.